Kmart Black Friday 2014 Sale

Kmart is a super popular destination for Black Friday shoppers, right behind Walmart and Target. They will have competitive Black Friday sales on TVs, blu-ray players, movies, music, books, clothes, toys, etc.

Thursday Doorbusters: 8pm to Friday 3am. Friday Doorbusters: 5am to 11am.

Thu: 8:00 PM | Fri: | Sat: | Sun:


The Kmart Black Friday 2012 ad is huge and worth a look. I’m finding some reasons to shop Kmart on Black Friday 2012. Here’s just a few.

Page 1. A 24 inch LED 1080p HDTV for $88. On Amazon that TV is selling for $175! For $88 you can have that perfect sized TV for the kitchen or bathroom. With HDMI, RCA, USB and PC inputs you can connect to it with your TV signal or Blu-Ray player or computer or whatever. And remember, this also has an ATSC/NTSC tuner. Get to Kmart on Black Friday and buy this. You’ll be glad you did.

While you’re at Kmart on Black Friday, get someone to help you load the Proscan 50” LCD 1080p HDTV into your shopping cart for only $288. That’s an insane price. The closest deals I can find are a 50” ProScan at Amazon for $499.99 or a smaller 42” refurbished at Best Buy for $399.99. Neither Best Buy nor Amazon come close to matching the $288 deal at Kmart. Buy and use it or buy it and resell it – it’s a great Black Friday deal.

I can’t get off page 1 without finding more Black Friday deals. Absolutely the easiest GPS to use is the Magellan. On Black Friday at Kmart you’ll find the Magellan Roadmate 2136 for only $69.99. That’s half price and Magellan is very accurate.

I’ll end my review of the Kmart Black Friday 2012 ad by jumping to the last page. Kmart and Vivatar offer an inexpensive way to introduce your children to photography and online picture editing/sending/printing. For only $9.99 you can buy a Vivitar VM25 digital camera. It has a 1.5” LCD viewfinder and takes 2.1 MP pictures. It’s not the camera you’ll use to take professional pictures, but it is the way to let the kids take pictures of friends, vacations, trips, weddings, etc. without surrendering your $1000 Canon to a kid with jelly on his hands. $9.99 – that’s a great Black Friday 2012 deal at Kmart.