Shopko Black Friday

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Let’s review the Shopko Black Friday 2012 ad from the perspective of a parent or grandparent wanting to help the kids learn, but without pouring money down a hole.

Computer tablets are here to stay. One day the kid will be old enough to understand, use – and take care of – a very powerful and very expensive tablet. But right now they’re too young. Get them started by going to Shopko on Black Friday and buying the Polaroid 7” Tablet Bundle for only $89.99. The bundle includes the 7” internet tablet, deluxe case, a built in external keyboard and ear buds. The kid thinks the earbuds are for them. They are really for you – you don’t have to hear what they are listening to when they use their tablet. For $89.99 you launch that young child into today’s technology for very little money.

Consider buying several Blue Hat Remote Control Monster Spinning Cars for only $6.99 each. You’re saving $13 by buying a Shopko Black Friday Door Buster. And you’re making a lot of people happy. There’s just something fun and exciting about a remote control car. And little does the child know they are improving their hand and eye coordination.

Tired of not being able to watch TV because the kids want to play video games? Send them to their room or to the basement with a smile on their face – buy them their own projector. They’ll love you. Video games or movies projected onto the wall for only $59.99. That’s cheaper than Amazon. Did I mention the picture is 10 feet wide. That’s right – the worlds largest image for $60. It’s portable. It projects big. It’s the Shift3 Projector, regular price is $139.99. At only $59.99, it’s a great Black Friday deal at Shopko.

Not enough beds when the guests visit? Throw the adults or the kids on this Intex 18.5” Rising Comfort Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump. Regularly $74.99, you can have people sleeping in queen sized comfort for only $34.99. That’s a great and practical Black Friday deal at Shopko.

I have only mentioned a few great items this Black Friday at Shopko. With 15 pages of Black Friday deals, be sure and check out each page of Black Friday ads.