Kmart Black Friday

Kmart is a super popular destination for Black Friday shoppers, right behind Walmart and Target. They will have competitive Black Friday sales on TVs, blu-ray players, movies, music, books, clothes, toys, etc.

Ad Scan Images 1-8 are the Thanksgiving morning deals, which go from 6AM to 5PM.

Ad Scan Images 9-44 are the Black Friday deals, which go from 7PM Thanksgiving Day to 2PM on Friday.

Sale starts 6:00 AM on Thanksgiving Day
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Kmart Black Friday Delights

Starting in 2013, Kmart executives decided to get ahead of the competition when it comes to Black Friday. Instead of starting in the wee hours of Friday morning or even the late hours of Thanksgiving, Kmart opened their doors and sales at 6 AM. The store remained opened until late Friday night. In other words, Kmart offered 41 hours of non-stop deals.

The deals offered by Kmart tend to be very similar to those put on by direct competitors like Walmart and Target. Members of Kmart's Shop Your Way rewards program get extra special deals during the holiday sale, as do those who utilized a Kmart charge card when making purchases.

Deals from 2013 include a 22 inch LED screen TV for only $129.99 and a 46 LED RCA TV for $399.99. A 4-Piece luggage set sold for $49.99 and 20 inch mountain bikes, both male and female, sold for $69.99 each. Doorbusters, which took place on Thursday morning and Friday morning, included BOGO board game sets and small kitchen appliances for only $4.99 each. Wildly popular Fisher Price Little People playsets also sold buy one; get one free during Black Friday 2013. This was a huge draw for the parents of toddlers.

This year's deals are expected to be just as fabulous if not better. Kmart is often plays second fiddle to Walmart when it comes to revenue. However, on Black Friday the playing field is far more even. Starting the sale hours earlier than competitors and remaining open for nearly two straight days also increases Kmart's ability to make record-breaking sales during Black Friday.

Like Walmart, Kmart offers tiered sales with multiple, timed doorbuster opportunities. However, the wider expanse of hours offered by Kmart makes these deals even greater in volume and attainability. Stop by Kmart nearly any point on Thursday and Friday for incredible, one-of-a-kind deals on a wide variety of gifts, home products, electronics, children's toys, clothing, and so much more.

Kmart History

Kmart discount department stores are a favorite amongst American consumers. Headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois since the purchase of Sears, Kmart was originally founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1899. In the early days, the corporation's department stores were known as S.S. Kresge Stores. It was not until after Walmart's development in the early 60s that the stores became known as Kmart. At the same time a number of supermarkets known as Kmart Food also opened. The grocery stores did not last, but the Kmart department store took off with a bolt.

In the eighties, Kmart became a huge part of pop culture by offering "blue light specials", wherein a Kmart employee would spontaneously offer deals in specific areas of the store. Customers could find the deals via the flashing blue police light on the operating cashier's cart. Though the days of blue light specials have passed, Kmart remains one of a billion dollar industry with over 1,200 stores.