Michaels Black Friday

Michaels is an arts and crafts stores. Their products include Home Decor, Scrapbooking, Wedding, Framing, Floral, Beads, Painting, Art supplies, and bakeware. Thursday Doorbusters are 4pm to 11pm,

Sale starts 4:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day
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Michaels Black Friday Flyer

Do It Yourself Craft Deals at Michaels

Michaels has a reputation of being your one stop destination for anything home related! Whether you're looking to complete a fun DIY project, frame some family pictures for your living room, pick out a neat craft to do, sew a sweet outfit for your grandbaby, or purchase some beautiful, new home decor, Michaels has everything you need!

In years past, Michaels has been known for their extremely competitive Black Friday sales. Items all over the store are marked down 40, 50, even 60% off of regular retail value. However what really seals the deal are the coupons attached to the cover of their Black Friday ad. In the past, they have provided coupons of up to 30% off your entire purchase- including sale items! That means you can receive over 70% off on items storewide. These coupons usually have specific days and time frames for eligibility, so make sure you review them carefully!

Not only is this store great for the do-it-yourselfers, but it’s also great for those of us that want a do-it-yourself feel, but just don't have the time! They have tons of pre-made, beautiful decorations for your home- including fabulous seasonal pieces for Christmas! They also have Christmas trees, which were marked down 50% last year.

And, lastly, Michaels is a great place to stock up on supplies for pretty much any project- ribbon, paper, art supplies, school supplies, fabric...you name it, they probably have it.

Company History

The first Michaels was opened in Texas in 1976 by Michael Dupey, and was later purchased by Samuel Wyly. In a little over 40 years, Michaels has grown to be the largest specialty retailer of arts, crafts, framing, floral, wall decor, and seasonal merchandise for the hobbyist and do-it-yourself home decorator.

They currently have over 1,100 store across the United States and Canada, and has been successful in creating around a dozen unique brands, such as, Ashland, Artist’s Loft, and Craft Smart. Their average store now contains over 40,000 different products, and they are continuing to expand!

Their motto pretty much sums it up... Michaels- where imagination is celebrated, inspiration thrives, discovery amazes, dreams are realized, and creativity happens.