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Target is in the top 3 brick and mortar retailers for Black Friday. Their specialty is toys, electronics, home entertainment, and home goods. Target has grown in popularity the last few years as they've become more competitive with their pricing and often have deals that directly compete with Walmart and Best Buy. We're expecting great Black Friday sales from Target this year.

Sale starts 6:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day
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Target Offers Top Deals for Loyal Black Friday Shoppers

Every Black Friday Target shoppers all over North America wrap around the company's thousands of storefronts in the dark, cold night to get first bat at some of the year's best deals on top-selling items. Seasonal Black Friday favorites from Target include blu-ray and DVDs at rock bottom prices, top toys, and electronic deals at rock bottom prices. Target competes heavily with other retailers during this season, often beating top prices at places like Walmart, Kmart, and Sears.

In recent years, Target has followed the department store industry's growing trend to open Black Friday sales earlier and earlier. In 2013, doors opened at a record-breaking 8 PM on Thanksgiving Day and sales went all weekend long, with the best deals happening in the wee hours of Friday morning.

One popular deal from 2013's ad included a high-resolution digital camera from Nikon for half of the regular retail price. Several Apple Products were on sale at last year's Target Black Friday sale, including the Apple iPad, iPad Mini, and Beats by Dre headphones at record-low prices. Apple is expected to be another forerunner this year, with the release of iPhone 6 coming just a few months shy of Black Friday 2014.

Television sets are always a huge draw for Black Friday crowds. Shoppers can expect this year to be no different, with Target likely offering a wide assortment of ever-evolving television sets at prices near or below wholesale for those lucky enough to make it in time for the ever-coveted doorbuster sale. Smart TVs like this Razor LED from Vizio are expected to be top-sellers this holiday season. As a growing number of Americans unplug from traditional cable and satellite providers, streaming devices such as Apple TV and Roku will also find their way on the cover of many Black Friday ads and the top of many a letter to Santa.

As always, for the best deals, expect to arrive early and ready to shop. However, hot deals and incredible sales tend to last throughout the holiday season as Target continues to their successful fight for the coveted spot of number one department store in the US.

Company Information

The Target Corporation, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the second biggest retailer in the United States, right behind Walmart. The Target Corporation originated in 1902, when George Draper Dayton opened his fist retail store "Goodfellow Dry Goods". This simple store eventually grew into Target, a one of the country's first discount department stores, opened in 1962. By the late 1970's Target grew into a billion dollar industry, making it to the most successful of Dayton's enterprises.

Today Target is a multi-billion dollar business with stores in the United States and Canada. The company is number 36 on the Fortune 500. In the mid -1990's many stores expanded to include groceries and home goods, in the form of Super Target. This development, along with exclusive partnerships with top-shelf designers has made Target a top-choice for many Americans.